The deed is done! Well, kinda. I've just spent a year's time folding 1000 paper cranes, just so I could see them all go up in smoke. When this project was first conceived, I had high hopes for photographing a fireball of birds and flame in the snow. I've waited all winter for the proper conditions to be met; an overcast day with beautiful fresh snow to use as my backdrop. Just then, as the magical moment came - the damn fuckers wouldn't light!!! It was too cold, and too wet. Instead the little bastards smoldered. This was some do or die kind of art making, I've never bet so much on one picture before. Making this shot made me feel like I'm alive. Since the beginning, this whole time I knew I would only have get one shot at this. If something went wrong, then that was it, try again next year.

I didn't get the shot exactly that I wanted. But in the end, I think this image is pretty tripped out too. Life is like that sometimes, you can plan out ever little detail forever and things will still screw up in the end. But I am proud of this picture, for me it represents victory in the face of defeat. I'll have more shots from this shoot uploaded onto my website in a week's time. It's been a wild ride and we are on the last stretch.

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